Photo from BC Alpine website: www.bcalpine.comPhoto from BC Alpine website:
(left) Brooke Irish and Thomas Hung; (right) Brooke Irish, Coach Tamara Schaupp and Thomas Hung

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Chris Pretty, President of the Grouse Mountain Tyee Ski Club – “A special shout out to Ania and Lauren in the Race Office (the brains of the Tyee Cup), all Tyee Course Workers, Timers and Race Organizing Committee Members.”

Tamara Schaupp, U12 Head Coach – “I would like to thank all parents who helped out with the Tyee Cup and behind the scenes to make the last weekend as successful as it was, supporting and motivating the kids on and off hill, tuning skis, volunteering with training set-up, etc. Thank you!”

“And congratulations to the whole U12 team!!  We showed some muscle with stellar performances and personal bests. Congratulations to Thomas and Brooke – they brought the trophy back to Tyee, and I think it is only the second time that the trophy for boys AND girls went to Tyee in the same year in its over 10 year history.” 

Michael Kuss, Communications Director for Grouse Tyee – "Supporting your kids in ski racing is a lot of work. As soon as you become a parent it goes from getting a lot of mileage on the snow to next to none. The goal then becomes get the kid good enough so you can ski together. Hey, a ski racing club would speed up that process. Next thing you know you’re back on snow tail gunning your 5 year old a couple times a week. There’s a few races. You’re mainly standing and watching, but you are getting more exercise than say watching your kid play hockey in a cold ice rink. The kid grows, they get better. More races. By U12 the commitment is pretty heavy for you and for them. The next thing, biggest event on the U12 Calendar, the Tyee Cup. Now you truly know what it takes to raise a ski racer, the level of commitment, the hours of volunteerism. Sounds terrible right? No, it’s the opposite. All the parents are working so hard to pull off a great event. It brings you together. You haven’t only raised a ski racers, you’ve helped build a community. It’s awesome. Great weekend. The weather even cooperated. It couldn’t have gone much better. What a community!"

Action shots of Thomas (left) and Brooke (right) courtesy of Chris Naas
Photo from BC Alpine website: www.bcalpine.comPhoto from BC Alpine website: