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August 1, 2018


BC Alpine (BCA) is seeking qualified candidates to fill a pending vacancy for Zone Chair of the Kootenay Zone.  The successful applicant will represent the zone on its Board of Directors.  As the governing body of ski racing in BC, the board of BCA is comprised of members representing each of the four zones within the province.

Candidates interested in serving as Zone Chair should have a passion for ski racing.  Past experience on a not-for-profit board and knowledge of the workings of a board from a good governance perspective is an asset.  Experience and understanding of the workings of a Provincial Sport Organization is also an asset, but is not required.

The successful candidates would be expected to attend two to three in-person Board meetings per year, plus several teleconference meetings.  There is also the expectation to participate on one of the Board committees. 


Application Process:

If you are interested and would like to help shape the future of ski racing in British Columbia, please email a letter of interest along with a biographical profile to by September 8th, 2018.

Candidates will be presented to the Kootenay Zone for election prior to the BC Alpine AGM in late September. 

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Phil Mittertreiner.

Zone Chair Role Description 

·                      Represent the interests and concerns of the Zone to BC Alpine

·                      Represent the interests and concerns of BC Alpine to the Zone

·                      Coordinate the Zone race hosting calendar

·                      Maintain the Zone Key Contact List

·                      Manage relationships between clubs within the Zone and between the Zone clubs and BC Alpine

·                      Manage the Zone bank account

·                      Act as coordinator for BC Games within the Zone (every 2 years).

·                      Coordinate zone meetings within the Zone

·                      Assist in coordination of Zone projects when applicable.

·                      Participate in BC Alpine board committees when applicable.

·                      Work with Officials Chair to coordinate Officials Training within the zone.

·                      Actively participate in Zone events (volunteer, official, coach)

·                      Actively participate in BC Alpine Board meetings

·                     2 days per year in Vancouver (May/June and September)

·                      Actively participate in BC Alpine Board conference calls

·                     2 x per year, approx. 1.5 hours each call

·                      Actively participate in our annual member summit and AGM

·                     2 days, last weekend in September

It is essential the individual is non-biased and is capable of maintaining an objective view regarding BC Alpine initiatives and discussions, over and above the specific interests of their own athlete(s), home club and/or zone.

While it is not a requirement, prior experience in a board or executive capacity within an alpine ski club, either as Club President and/or Alpine Chair, would be an asset. Prior experience as an athlete, coach or official is also an asset.