Why your Team should implement Respect in Sport for Leaders and Parents

Our sport culture is evolving and must continue to do so. BC Alpine has a mandate to offer the best and safest environment to all members, volunteers and competitors. We must be athlete-centred and promote excellence, integrity, respect and accountability; all these concepts are defined in this program.

Our staff and Board members have all been certified through Respect in Sport, and we are convinced that our base, the Clubs, should also promote this great educational tool for all.

People want to be involved with organizations that demonstrate Respect, whether it is during a sport event, at school or in the boardroom. Respectful conduct is desired and expected in every interaction, however it is not always displayed.

This program is an online resource that serves as a proactive risk management tool to enhance the protection of our athletes, coaches and management personnel. It delivers a consistent message on how to be a positive leader and how to identify and manage inappropriate behaviours, all while ensuring that all our participants enjoy the safest environment possible.

It requires minimal administration, is based on a strong curriculum that is updated on an ongoing basis, is fully supported in English and French and offers detailed user tracking to mitigate liability.

More Information:

Respect Group:  http://respectgroupinc.com
Activity Leader program:  https://alpine-canada-activityleader.respectgroupinc.com
Parent program :  https://alpine-canada-parent.respectgroupinc.com
Information on the BC Alpine website:   https://bcalpine.com/files/Policy_Files/