Christmas greetings from BC Alpine to all of you who are making a difference in the lives of young athletes every day – inspiring skiers for life and creating opportunities to become world class athletes. Another year has passed, and I am confident that we are moving in the right direction as a sport and PSO here in BC, even though it has been a tough year for some in the alpine ski racing world.

Normally around Christmas time it is appropriate to talk about the highlights of the year that has passed, but this year I would like to take the opportunity to talk about the future.

During the past year BC Alpine has been reviewing and updating our Strategic Plan to guide us through the next four seasons. Now that the plan is updated we are ready to move BC Alpine, our members and the sport of alpine ski racing into the future.

A strategic plan is a tool used to set goals and priorities, focus energy and resources, and ensure that we are all working toward common goals. It also defines who we are, our values, our vision and mission as a sport organization, and it creates accountability and structure around our work.

We have set four main goals for the next four years (2018/19 through 2021/22):

  1. To maintain a strong profile and increase the vitality of alpine ski racing in BC:
    It is our job as a provincial sport organization (“PSO”) to provide an overarching structure for our sport to assist our member clubs with developing and delivering high quality programming. We also must communicate the competitive, recreational and lifestyle benefits of ski racing to our communities. This is a big task, and to measure our success we want to see a ski club in every ski community in BC; a strong, modern and recognizable brand; a comprehensive media plan and strong alumni engagement by 2022.

  2. To provide leadership in the delivery of high-quality coaching and officiating in BC:
    Education is critical to the further development of our sport. We must make sure every coach in the province has the necessary support and access to training and certification. We commit to delivering consistent and well-structured education programs. Parallel to that, we will ensure our officials receive the training they need to deliver safe, fair and top-quality races. By 2022 we would like to see 400 registered coaches in BC (minimum 40% female), all coaches enrolled in professional development, and more than 150 active and trained level 2 Officials.

  3. To be the “go to” sport for developing athletic excellence:
    We are in the “business” of alpine ski racing and providing athletes with opportunities to develop to the national teams and beyond. BC has a great history of producing skiers who achieve international success. We strive to always have the highest provincial representation on the national ski team; three top-10 results annually at Nor-Am races by our provincial team, and to show a 40% growth in registered athletes from Nancy Greene Ski League to Masters’ racing by 2022.

  4. To increase our financial viability:
    As the governing body for alpine ski racing in BC we commit to being transparent and to running responsible operations in the best interest of our members and the sport. We will maintain a balanced financial performance, show a 60% increase in annual revenue from sponsorship and fundraising initiatives by 2022, and have two new revenue streams.

We are excited to have completed our four-year plan and look forward to working with you to achieve the key objectives described within it.

View the entire BC Alpine 2018-2022 Strategic Plan document online.

Thank you all for the passion and commitment you have to this sport, and on behalf of BC Alpine and myself I wish you all a Merry Christmas, a snowy season and I hope to see you on the hill in the new year.


Anders Hestdalen
CEO · BC Alpine Ski Association
“Inspire skiers for life and develop world-class athletes”