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“As I sit here reflecting on the 2019 Canada Winter Games for Team BC Alpine and Para Alpine, I can barely remember what happened because I think the constant -38-degree temperatures froze my brain. I’ve had brain freeze before, but I figured rolling on the floor beating on the side of my head wouldn’t help me here, so I decided to ask the team for quotes on their impressions of the Games experience. Here's what they said!” – Johnny Crichton, BC Alpine VP and Team BC Coach

Photo from BC Alpine website:“Once in a lifetime experience” – David Wood 10th in GS

“I’ll never forget it.” – Heming Sola Gold SL, Bronze SX  

“Timeless memories and an adventure like none other” – Adam Usher 11th in SL

“Lifelong friends and memories created” – Taylor Nellis, 10th in SG

“The games were exciting, as a coach, to bring together U16’s from all over BC and help each one challenge themselves on and off the race hill to be better, bring intensity and have purpose. It gave athletes a chance to find a higher level of performance, no matter what their results.  Oh, and risk it for the biscuit.” – Montana Molyneux, Team BC Coach

“Such a fun experience and cool meet athletes from across Canada.” – Jaden Dawson, best result 6th in SL

“It was an awesome experience and made better by having friendly teammates.” – Justin Johnson – Sit Skier

“It was inspiring to see all the athletes go through highs and lows throughout the week and continue to push themselves and learn from their experiences. The passion from the coaches was palpable and made it an incredible team to work with.”  – Alana See, Team BC Mission Staff

“An amazing opportunity to see how a community comes together to put on an event that brings people from all over the country together. It was also a great way to meet new people and see how skiing brings us all together.” – Noa Hooton, Best result 12th in SL

“Seeing the high level of skiing across Canada was very motivational.” – Noa Rogers, Best result 7th in SL

“It was a big eye opener.” – Sara Stiel, best result 11th SL

“To have attended the CWG’s with such an accomplished group of coaches and diverse coaching staff was refreshing and revitalizing. The memories will be everlasting!” – Daimion Applegath, Team BC Coach

Photo from BC Alpine website:“It was a great experience to meet amazing athletes from across Canada.” – Charlotte Gibson, 23rd in SG

“It was super fun to race against the best racers from every province.” – Matthias Shorter, 12th in GS

“A unique opportunity for both coaches and athletes to learn from and inspire all provinces to try and excel in our sport in more ways than on the ski hill.” – Katie Spittlehouse, Team BC Coaching Staff

“It was a real eye opener to see what its like to be apart of an event of this magnitude.” – Ben Jacoby, 13th in GS

“That week was a reminder of what it takes; becoming the best and being a good athlete is much more than the moment you perform. it takes more than working hard in your run to be good. You have to work hard constantly on things like stretching, eating well, getting proper rest, fundamentals and practice year-round.”  – Brynn Applegath, best result 8th in Slalom

“Seeing the Alpine Team BC Athletes and Coaches at Nakiska was one of my highlights for sure! Cheering on the athletes loud and proud from mid-course made me feel so proud of all their performances. We were even able to fill that donut hole and nail some medals on that day as well.” – Carolyn Boomer, Team BC Mission Staff.

“It was a great opportunity to meet and compete against the best from Canada.” – Chase Burn, 6th in SL

“For somebody who has never experienced the Canada Games before, it completely met and exceeded all my expectations. It was really cool to be part of the closing ceremonies alongside all my Team BC athletes and staff.”- Logan Leach, Visually Impaired Silver Medalist

Missing Quote from Caele Kassa, Logan’s Guide, VI Silver Medalist  

“Great experience to test yourself against the best in the country, and fuel for new motivation.” – Fiona McInnes, 28th in SG

“One of the things we generally lack in training sessions is intensity. Kids rarely bring the intensity to their training sessions that is required in competition, so when it’s provided by the environment, they don’t know how to react or how to match it. The intensity must match their skill-set and both need to be constantly trained. These games showed our team the current level of intensity that certain kids from parts of the country bring to their skiing and we leave these games with a renewed vigor to put towards our training – Johnny Crichton (5th, in coaching😊)

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