Photo from BC Alpine website: www.bcalpine.comBC CUP FIS RACE at RED Mountain Resort

March 7 – 10

The Red Mountain Racers and RED Mountain Resort hosted the BC CUP FIS Technical Race Series March 7 – 10.  We were delighted to welcome 85 athletes from 6 different countries to compete in the Slalom and Giant Slalom races.  We congratulate each of the athletes for their accomplishments and give a special shout out to those who fought hard to find a place on the podium. 

Lesley Chisholm captured a number of great images of the racers in action which she has uploaded to her website at 

As we all know the sport of ski racing offers far more than an ability to ski at shocking rates of speed. Ski racing teaches discipline, it forges friendships and it gathers community. We witness the gathering of community and the love of this sport each time an event is held. The 4-day race series at RED saw 50 volunteers per day on each race course! Of these volunteers, 33 of the 50 no longer have an athlete in ski racing. Many have NEVER had an athlete in ski racing. These volunteers have a passion for the sport and have joined the community and formed great friendships with volunteers and alumni from around BC. 

At RED we see Nancy Greene’s brothers, John and Rick, at every race; John in the start and Rick with a shovel in hand. In addition, volunteers like Sheila Vockeroth (shown above) have been part of the racing community for decades as an athlete, a parent and now as the grandparent of a current racer. We would like to thank each and every volunteer that works tirelessly, young or old, to continue to make this amazing sport possible for athletes of all ages.  

PHOTO above – Sheila Vockeroth and Patti Grimsrud volunteering for the BC CUP FIS Race Series at RED Mountain

Photo from BC Alpine website: www.bcalpine.comPHOTO right – Red Mountain Racer, Keira Demmler, helping to check volunteers in at 7 am on Sunday morning.

Again, on behalf of the Red Mountain ROC, CONGRATULATIONS to each of the athletes and best of luck in the remainder of your season! ~ Report submitted by Christine Andison

Top results for the event are as follows:

Thursday, March 7th:

Ladies Giant Slalom

1.            Ashleigh Alexander (CAN)

2.            Hedy Seeber (USA)

3.            Tora Hoshizaki (CAN)

Men’s Slalom

1.            Devin Mittertreiner (CAN)

2.            Heiko Ihns (CAN)

3.            Ben Charleston (USA)

Friday, March 8th:

Ladies Giant Slalom

1.            Ashleigh Alexander (CAN)

2.            Tora Hoshizaki (CAN)

3.            Jacquelyn Gray (CAN)

Men’s Slalom

1.            Gavin Donald (CAN)

2.            Gerrit Van Soest (CAN)

3.            Heiko Ihns (CAN)

Saturday, March 9th:

Ladies Slalom

1.            Cayla Denney (CAN)

2.            Jacquelyn Gray (CAN)

3.            Kamila Grabinski (CAN)

Men’s Giant Slalom

1.            Robert Gillis (USA)

2.            Devin Mittertreiner (CAN)

3.            Gavin Donald (CAN)

Sunday, March 10th:

Ladies Slalom

1.            Jacquelyn Gray (CAN)

2.            Kamila Grabinski (CAN)

3.            Ryan Gooch (CAN)

Men’s Giant Slalom

1.            Devin Mittertreiner (CAN)

2.            Gavin Donald (CAN)

3.            Heiko Ihns (CAN)
Photo from BC Alpine website: