Photo from BC Alpine website:

Photo from BC Alpine website:
Canadian Alpine Responsibility Code(s)
The Canadian Alpine Responsibility Code governs all users of ski area/resort facilities. This includes all members of the CSA. This code is endorsed and used by Canada West Ski Areas Association (CWSAA); Ontario Ski Resorts Association (OSRA); and Atlantic Ski Areas Association (ASAA). Ski Areas in Quebec (ASSQ) have government of Quebec legislation that basically embraces the same principles. The Code functions as “Rules of the Road” and must be followed. CSA members must review the following code with their members and we encourage you to post the code prominently in club facilities. 

Ski Club Responsibilities
CSA member clubs (750+) and their members are, for the most part, guests of the ski area/resort. All CSA members are required to follow the rules and regulations of the Alpine Responsibility Code, as well as any added rules; regulations; and/or policies set by the host ski area/resort governing the clubs’ access and use of facilities.

Ski Club Risk Management
All member clubs are strongly encouraged to review the CSA Snowsports Association Risk Management Manual [October 2018] and in particular, to review Chapter 5 – Ski Area/Resort Relationships.