BC Alpine follows Alpine Canada’s Safe Sport guidelines which are committed to improving safety, respect, and prevention of harassment in sport. The Safe Sport environment ensures that athletes, coaches, and staff have a safe, inclusive, and supportive training and competition environment. Everyone has a role to play in creating a healthy physical and mental environment for sport participation.

As of December 16, 2023, our Code of Conduct and complaints process have been updated. They pertain to BC Alpine, all its member clubs, all registered members, and participants.

The new complaints management process is as follows:

  • We have centralized the intake for complaints to make sure the process is simple, safe, and independent. All complaints will go through an independent third party, either via the Integrity Counts Online Form, or by phone to 1 (800) 758-9412.
  • The independent third party will determine the nature of the complaint. Minor infractions will be sent back to the club for internal review and resolution. Major infractions and maltreatment will be handled independently under BC Alpine’s contract with the independent third party. The definitions of infractions and maltreatment can be found in the updated Code of Conduct document in the BC Alpine Policy Files.

BC Alpine members, clubs, and affiliated organizations must adhere to all of BC Alpine’s governing documents and policies, and when required, amend their own rules to comply or align with those of BC Alpine.

All non-Safe Sport matters relating to selection, programing, finance, media, etc., should go through the regular club channels.

NOTE: BC Alpine will cover the initial cost of filing a complaint with the independent third party. After their assessment, any case work for MAJOR infractions or maltreatment will be charged to the member club based on rates agreed to in BC Alpine’s contract with the independent third party. For more information please contact Anders Hestdalen at andersh@bcalpine.com.