Alpine Women in Sport (AWiS) is set to present the second in its 2023-24 webinar series on mental health, “The Coaching Life: Surviving or Thriving?”

Mental Performance Coach, Heather Cribbin, will be back to lead the discussion and provide tools to help create strategies and set boundaries. 

Monday, January 22, 2024 // 5:30 PM Pacific Daylight Time (8:30 PM Eastern Daylight Time) 

“Setting Boundaries and Other Strategies to Support Well-being.”

The concept and impact of well-being may be generalized, but the experience of what creates it will be profoundly personal. What is well-being, how do we notice when we don’t have it, and how can we cultivate it for ourselves? The ability to resource oneself, that is, find energy to persist, is essential in an industry that is built on a seasonal model that requires a great deal from its coaches. Intentionally choosing a mindset that fosters optimism can offset the stresses of a demanding environment. And that begins with setting boundaries—think time management, email and general communications, meetings, and more.

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More on the upcoming webinar:

In what will be a highly interactive session, Heather will delve into the following topics:

  • What is well-being, why is the term trending, and what does it mean for you?
  • The Wheel of Life as an indicator of well-being. (Have a pen and paper ready.)
  • What is the impact if well-being is missing? Can ski coaches have “burnout”?
  • Is burnout the opposite of well-being?
  • How do boundaries contribute to or protect your well-being?
  • What happens when boundaries are missing/crossed?
  • Values as a way of identifying and holding boundaries, and supporting well-being
  • How can we see time as a boundary and not a commodity?
  • Emotional intelligence as a tool for conversations to express/hold boundaries

About Heather Cribbin

Heather believes everyone is capable of high performance, in any arena, without sacrificing peace of mind.  Using her knowledge of neuroscience, positive psychology, and emotional intelligence, she coaches for mental toughness to uncover and enhance grit, resilience, and confidence. Heather has participated in, parented, and coached high-performance athletics for many years.  She competed at a high level in rowing and in triathlon and enjoys skiing, tennis, biking, and hiking.  Earning her Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) from the Coach Training Institute (CTI), and a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) accreditation from the International Coaching Federation (ICF) helped Heather to connect her passion for supporting clients with her previous degrees in Physical and Health Education, and Social Work.

Heather has coached high-performers on the Canada Snowboard Team, athletes at the NCAA college level, competitors at the World Cup, Europa cup, University Games, and Canada Games stages.  She supports executives at large organizations such as Dell and Microsoft as well as entrepreneurs. Originally from Toronto, Canada, Heather now calls Zurich, Switzerland, home.

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