NGSL RACE REPORT: Whitewater hosts snowy Kootenay Zone Nancy Greene Festival - BC Alpine Ski Association

Whitewater Ski Team was pleased to host the Kootenay zone Nancy Greene Festival this past weekend, March 10th at Whitewater Ski Resort. We had 5 clubs in attendance – Summit Lake, Salmo, Red Mountain, Phoenix and Whitewater. We welcomed 140 athletes for a fun festival that included 5 different events. This year we had snow all day which proved exciting for the volunteers and athletes alike!

There was a long jump, a speed trap, a ski cross, a super G and a dual slalom. The distance was recorded on the long jump, the speed recorded on the speed trap and both the GS and SL runs were timed. Medals were given for the U12 and U14’s on the SG and SL events, and team certificates were handed out with ribbons for team placement. Each individual certificate had the athlete’s recorded results!

A huge thank you to all the Whitewater Ski Team volunteers for making this possible, to Whitewater resort for making this possible for our team to host, from hill space to terrain building, hauling of gear, lodge space and overall support. Thank you to the coaches, parents and athletes for travelling to join us for such a FUN event! It is a great way to end the Nancy Greene Ski League season.

~ Report Submitted by Megan Moscatelli, Whitewater Ski Team President