Driven to Win: Thompson’s Crystal Globe on hand as “Game-changing” fundraiser launches in support of BC ski racers

Driven to Win: Thompson’s Crystal Globe on hand as “Game-changing” fundraiser launches in support of BC ski racers

Fresh off winning the pinnacle award in ski racing, the Crystal Globe which is awarded to the overall World Cup winner, Marielle Thompson returned home recently joining an impressive roster of podium-winning teammates to celebrate a record-setting season and to help launch a new fundraising initiative in support of ski racing in British Columbia. 

A handful of CANskiteam attended an event at Porsche Vancouver recently to launch “Driven to Win”, organized in partnership between Alpine Canada and BC Alpine with the goal to support provincial and national level ski racers from BC. The car raffle features a grand prize 2024 Porsche Cayenne AWD vehicle (valued at $126,000). Click here for more and see the photo gallery below.

Driven to Win: Prizes

Grand Prize: 2024 Porsche Cayenne (valued at $126,075)

In Carrera White Metallic paired with a black leather interior. Exemplifies the pinnacle of automotive quality and design.
Provided by Porsche Centre Vancouver

Prize: Commemorative Bar of Silver

100 troy ounces of silver commissioned by Wheaton Precious Metals Corp. Approx. value $3,052.
Sponsored by Wheaton Precious Metals

Prize: Rossignol Sender Ti 184CM skis.

Full sidewall ski combines the playful response of a powder ski with the confident grip of a big mountain board. Value $1,000.
Sponsored by Rossignol

Prize: BC Ski Team Karbon Uniform Jacket and Pants.

Technical performance meets style with the unique uniform created for the BC Ski team athletes. Value $1,050.
Sponsored by Karbon

Content Details

  • Purchase Price of Ticket(s): 1 for $50.00;3 for $135; 5 for $200
  • Maximum tickets being made available for sale will be 17,000
  • “2024 Porsche Draw”: June, 15 2024 at 4:00 PM. Online at BC Alpine #403–1788 W. Broadway, Vancouver, BC

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Partners & Supporters

  • Waypoint insurance
  • Dilawri Group 
  • Porsche Centre Vancouver 
  • Alliance Parenting 

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Apex serves up high quality “inspiring” races at Teck Okanagan series

Apex serves up high quality “inspiring” races at Teck Okanagan series

Group shot above courtesy of Maria Davis Artwork & Photography

Ski racers of all ages and from across the province descended on Apex for an entertaining Teck Okanagan Zone Race last weekend (Feb. 24–25th) featuring two competitive slalom races with the Okanagan zone and qualified BC Games skiers from across the province.

Apex, Sun Peaks, Revelstoke, Vernon and the Big White ski clubs were all in attendance in the U12, U14 and U16 age categories – as well as some of the BC Games teams (Zones 2–8) – to showcase their skills and the incredible ski racing conditions at Apex Mountain Resort.

The podiums were well represented by skiers from all of the participating clubs, and results are linked below.

The BC Games makeup event ran in conjunction with the Okanagan zone races, with the BC Games qualifiers proudly representing their school zones. After the recent news that Troll Mountain was unable to host the alpine events at the BC Winter Games, BC Alpine staff kicked into high gear to change directions and find an alternate race venue.

“BC Games teams from all over the province arrived on Friday to jump into the slalom factory that was set up on the Okanagan run, with six lanes of courses and teams were treated to some of the best training they have had all year,” Crichton said.

Crichton mentioned that Apex delivered the goods, and not just in the race venue. “Diverse terrain and superb snow make for some amazing freeskiing. Add to that, the unbelievable views and friendly small resort vibe … Apex is a must visit and always delivers.”

The safe but challenging and extremely consistent tracks at Apex made for great racing. “Despite all the snow there was an awesome surface underneath that the course crew found before the first racers came out of the gate,” Crichton said.

“A short, fast T Bar from the base makes the Apex Okanagan run a fantastic race venue. When you combine that with an excellent ROC, you have a great place for ski racers to compete and excel.”

Johnny Crichton, BC Alpine VP

Saturday was sunny with consistent snow due to a slow double cut groom (thank you grooming team). A brisk wind was swirling but wasn’t really a deterrent to the great racing. By early Sunday afternoon we saw over 800 race runs perfectly executed, awards and swag given out, and a whole lot of inspired but tired, happy racers.

BC Alpine and the Apex Ski Club would like to extend their appreciation to all of the parents and coaches who worked to pull off a fun and busy weekend of racing. The club is also grateful to the efforts and support from the staff at Apex Mountain Resort which helped to ensure a successful event.

“Icy, bumpy and dark.” Cameron Alexander shares his Bormio podium story

“Icy, bumpy and dark.” Cameron Alexander shares his Bormio podium story

When BC’s own Cameron Alexander blazed to a podium finish at the challenging Bormio, Italy, World Cup race track in late December, he knew it would be a big challenge. See his report sent to BC Alpine on how he executed a medal-winning approach.

“Bormio this year was as expected. Icy, bumpy and dark. It’s one of the most physically and mentally demanding tracks we ski on the World Cup circuit. The battle of just skiing down is an accomplishment in itself, so to be able to have a run that was fast enough to be on the podium is a very special feeling.”

“It’s funny when you start early like I did on race day. I felt like I skied well and executed my game plan, but when I saw the time in the finish and I was 1.2 behind Sarrazin my initial though was I didn’t have a chance at the podium. It was long wait watching everybody else come down but it did end up being a very good run and enough to be on the podium. Those other two guys just skied at a very high level that day.”

“I knew I could be fast after two solid training runs. The game plan is pretty simple here. The feeling on the skis is never going to be amazing due to how rough it is so if you fight to stay over your skis and release them that’s usually good enough to go fast.”

BC Alpine releases its 2023–2028 Strategic Plan

BC Alpine releases its 2023–2028 Strategic Plan

Expanding on its strength as a unified province with a shared culture of both excellence and participation, BC Alpine officially announces the launch of a five-year strategic plan, starting immediately.

With 32 active ski clubs in nearly all ski resorts across the province and more than 6,700 members and thousands of volunteers – as well as a successful provincial team program which consistently qualifies skiers for the national ski team – the sport is as popular as ever in the province.

“We’re in a very good position to expand on our strengths and make ski racing the number one winter sport in the province,” said Anders Hestdalen, BC Alpine CEO.

The strategic plan is focussed on four key areas:

1. Increase Awareness:

By raising awareness of ski racing and the benefits it brings to communities, ski resorts and fans across the province, it will attract new members to get involved with the sport.

2. Improve Education

By delivering the highest level of educational training to parents, athletes, officials, club executives and coaches, the provincial association and its member clubs will increase the ability to provide an exceptional sport experience.

3. Athletic Excellence

The goal is to deliver the best provincial athletic development program with a focus on performance, health and mental wellness that encourages well-rounded athletes to reach their maximum potential.

4. Financial Viability

With increased revenue from sponsorships and fundraising, BC Alpine can further support athlete and coach development at all levels and with all clubs to reduce the costs associated with the sport.

At the link below is the condensed one-page plan. For the full Strategic Plan, email for a copy.

Building on Success

Below are the marquee statistics outlining the position of BC Alpine from 2012 to 2022. These are the foundations that BC Alpine is building upon in the new structure and plan.

Productive Brainstorm & Action Team  

The Strategic Plan committee, which represents a diverse and skilled group of professionals and ski racing experts from around the province, met regularly for eight months to candidly and openly speak about the strengths and challenges facing the sport today. The outcome of the meetings was a succinct plan and direction which was delivered to the the general members and 100+ participants at the BC Alpine AGM & Summit in Sun Peaks in October 2023.

After being away from the inner workings of ski racing for quite some time, it was exciting and inspiring to dive into the productive process of helping BC Alpine define their strategic plan. This document is a true reflection of collaboration, experience and innovative thinking – the result is an exciting and progressive plan to guide and direct the operation of BC Alpine and it clubs.

– Emily Brydon, Fernie [three-time Olympian and 9-time World Cup medalist]


Our partners & sponsors provide the opportunity to support the BC Alpine ski community with a structured, open and safe sport environment that empowers each member to become the best version of themselves, one turn at a time. We thank all of our sponsors and partners for providing these opportunities.

Reactions to “Go to the Start” by Michael Janyk

Reactions to “Go to the Start” by Michael Janyk

Have you read Michael Janyk’s book yet? The Whistler racer and BC Alpine alumnus, poured his heart and soul into these pages, and the response has been unanimously positive. Mike covers a lot of ground in this book, which starts and ends in Whistler. Below are some of the reactions to the book by some of his former teammates, other athletes and sports professionals.

Reading Mike’s book “Go to the Start” is like taking a roller coaster ride of the highs and lows of a life lived chasing the dream. Mike was able to capture the “behind the scenes” of being a World Cup Ski racer. The book left me feeling proud of what we accomplished as a team of athletes, coaches and support staff! Any aspiring Olympian will be well served reading Mike’s book to learn what’s in store for them if they choose to chase the dream!

Thomas Grandi, Olympian, 2x World Cup winner

“‘Dad, I’ve never seen you read a book so quickly‘ my kids said to me after I read Mike’s book. I couldn’t put it down. The stories, the race scene and the historic venues seemed all too familiar. I felt like I was racing alongside Janyk and the Canadian slalom team. I thoroughly enjoyed Mike’s book and his journey as a ski racer. Chasing the snow and traveling the world was a gift his whole family enjoyed. Congratulations on an outstanding career.”

Brian Stemmle, CBC broadcaster, 4x Olympian

“I am so grateful for this book! Mike embarks us on his incredible journey from a young aspiring athlete to the highest level of the sport – highlighting the  highs and lows that come with it all. As a retired World Cup athlete, I have lived the same emotions that he had but I honestly thought that I was alone with them. This book helped me feel even better about my athletic career. It is more about the journey and not the results that we should thrive for. I hope that all the young athlete of any sports get the chance to read this book as it highlights the importance of perseverance. This book will fuel your fire and show you how to keep it burning. Thank you Mike for sharing your amazing journey.”

Louis-Pierre Hélie, Canadian alpine & ski cross team, Olympian, coach

“Through his struggles and joys, and all the places and spaces in between, I witnessed someone learn who they are, find peace with who that person is and ultimately embrace changes and challenges in ways that allow for growth and development as a human being. This is why I love this book so much.”

Clara Hughes, 6x Olympic medalist, mental health advocate

“If you have ever strapped on skis and dreamed of racing your way to victory, you will find yourself somewhere on the pages of Mike Janyk’s odyssey through the sport – from the doubt and loathing, to the ecstasy of the near-perfect performance. The same holds for anyone pursuing individual sport where even the very best lose far more often than they win. So why? As Janyk would instruct himself throughout his decades of racing, just “go to the start” and find out. This is a wonderful tale of on one man’s many hard-earned answers over the years, filled with invaluable lessons for could-be champions as well as the many more participants. As it turns out, it’s not about the wins.”

Steve Porino, Broadcaster, NBC Sports 

Go to the Start is a captivating journey into the heart, mind, and body of a world-class ski racer. The challenges Mike Janyk faced (and overcame) and the lessons he learned can be valuable for anyone striving to be their best at anything.”

Jim Taylor, sport psychologist, former world-ranked ski racer

BC Clubs Gather at Sun Peaks for the BC Alpine Member Summit, AGM & Awards

BC Clubs Gather at Sun Peaks for the BC Alpine Member Summit, AGM & Awards

The annual BC Alpine “Goldies” took place last weekend in Sun Peaks, to a packed room of coaches, volunteers, officials, staff members, club executives … and a legend named Nancy Greene Raine who was on stage to present the awards to the most outstanding contributors to ski racing in the province last season at the impressive Sun Peaks Grand Hotel and Conference Centre.

“It was an incredible celebration of a great season,” said BC Alpine VP, Johnny Crichton, who announced the awards. The dinner and presentations capped a productive three-day Member Summit, which included coach meetings, general member meetings and the official BC Alpine AGM. All said, 26 BC Alpine clubs attended the sessions, with over 100 members attending.

The keynote presentation by Jack Crawford, the current world champion and Olympic medalist, was a highlight. Jack walked through his career to-date, including his time with the Whistler Mountain Ski Club, discussing topics that ranged from his personal focus on excellence, the value of teamwork and diversity in training. Other marquee speakers included Lene Puntervold and Claude Lebreux, who presented from Norway on the topic of Norwegian motor skills philosophies and their approach to training in various sports. It was an inspiring presentation which included interviews from Norwegian athletes and coaches, as well as U16 skiers in the impressive Olympic Training Centre in Oslo, as a coach walked them through a creative training program.

Below are the winners from all categories. Congratulations to all the winners!

Click here to view photos from the award presentations.

Click here to view photos from the award presentations.