2022 Event Organizers Update

2022 Event Organizers Update

With five events in the next week to start off our 2022 provincial series races (and it being nearly two years since any races have happened in the province) I thought it prudent to create a quick overview for event organizers to remind you of some of the basics and to help you through some of the changes which have occurred recently.

Event Organizer COVID Mitigation Plan:

Hot off the presses today is BC Alpine’s new COVID mitigation plan for event coordinators. This document can assist with general guidelines, best practices and ideas for hosting events during our current phase of the pandemic. https://bcalpine.com/files/Policy_Files/COVID-19/?f=Event_Organizers_COVID_Mitigation_Plan_2022.docx

Managing your event on our calendar:

Event organizers and Race Administrators can obtain access to manage the events on our calendar by contacting me and requesting access. With access to the event administration you get the ability to:

  1. Upload your Race Notice
  2. Upload any additional documents to your event
  3. Add live timing links
  4. Enable volunteer sign up
  5. Activate and alter race entry
  6. Activate and alter Participation / COVID-19 Agreement

Ordering awards:

BC Alpine has an online store for ordering awards for your event(s). Visit https://bcalpine.com/orderAwards/ well in advance and contact Anders if you have any questions about awards you should be distributing.

Race entry and draw:

With travel being more limited than usual both due to pandemic as well as road closures throughout the province, we expect to find more “cross category” race entry than usual this season with racers entering into races in their local region instead of traveling to ones further away. This may pose some interesting questions on how to enter, draw and manage your races. Please reach out to Johnny or myself if you require any assistance with who is sanctioned to start, or how to manage race files or results during these sort of situations.
If you are having FIS racers entering into a national level race, be sure to enter them with their ACA card #, not their FIS card # or they may not have the correct points in the draw and the results from your races will not be valid.

Race Kits:

All our Sporting Life NGSL and Teck Race Kits are new this season. New straps and rolling tubes are in the kits to help ROCs keep the bibs and banners in good condition and each kit is affixed with a printed QR Code that when scanned helps us track where the kit is and allows you to report any damage or missing gear so that we can easier repair or replace it.
If you have one of these kits, do us a favour and scan the QR code and let us know where it is and how it’s doing! 🙂