All Area Passes for 2005-2006 Season - BC Alpine Ski Association

It is time to apply for All Area Passes, and the updated forms have been put online. Due to increased FIS numbers, BC Alpine will not be accepting application from anyone except for registered FIS athletes and their coaches. Both athletes and coaches must be registered on the BC Alpine Club Admin / Registration System in order for them to be accepted for All Area Passes, so make sure that the club registrar has them showing online. Priority will be given to athletes racing full-time on the Mars BC Cup Circuit and their full-time travelling coaches. Due to quota restrictions, some applications may not be successful.
Applicants should print off the All Area Pass Form and fill it out entirely. The completed form should be sent in to your club along with two passport sized photos and a cheque for $480 made out to your club.
Clubs will receive all the All Area Pass Forms and verify that they are a registered FIS Athletes