There has been some concern about how to run a Kombi race for national points with Split Second Software.  This article describes how to do this.

Split Second does not ship this year with a Kombi option for running your race.  You will have to set up the race as a GS or SL race within the software.  Additionally the F Factor needs to be applied for the selected type of race to meet the Canadian Kombi numbers.  If for instance you were running it as a GS, you would go to the Factors/Lists tab and change the F Factor from 880 to 745.

Now you simply run your race as usual.  Once you get to the point that you need to upload your results however, we’ll need to make a change to the XML file before uploading it to the ACAPoints website.  This change is minor and can be done one of two ways.

1. You can manually open the .xml file in a plain text editor such as NOTEPAD and change the <Discipline>SG</Discipline> to <Discipline>KK</Discipline>.

2. You can use the nifty little piece of software written by my brother Trevor Dubinsky to automaticly update the <Discipline> tag in the results for you.  You can download this software via THIS LINK.