Whistler NGSL race postponed due to extreme cold weather conditions - BC Alpine Ski Association
The Nancy Greene Ski League race scheduled for Saturday, December 20th at Whistler has been postponed due to extremely cold weather.

The Committee running the Rio Tinto Alcan Nancy Greene Ski League Festival at Whistler has assessed current conditions on the mountain and decided – in the best interests of the young skiers – to postpone the festival until a later date.

Why? It is extremely cold here, with temperatures hovering between –25 and –30. Uncomfortably cold hands and feet are inevitable, with frostbite is very probable. The snow is world-cup hard, not the forgiving kind of snow these young skiers need, and terrain is limited. The limited terrain means all the events would happen in one area and there would be no option for getting warm by skiing between stations. Instead, the kids would be outside for a couple of hours, waiting rather than skiing, and with no place to go in and get warm.

A new date will be confirmed by Coast Zone coaches. Please check the calendar in the next few days for up-dates.

Irene Whitney, Alpine Chair
Whistler Mountain Ski Club