This is a new companion product that could be thought of as an intelligent announcer monitor. Features of the Toolbox include:
  • It runs on a separate computer, or computers, while communicating instantly with the latest National/FIS software via a LAN (local area network).
  • It could be on a computer right next to the person timing, or at the other end of a corporate network.
  • It could be used for an announcer, as information screen, set up with a projector in a base lodge, or even broadcast on a resort wide TV system.
  • No matter what the timing operator is doing in the National/FIS software, the Toolbox operator can look at timing data, competitor lists (sorted as they choose), detailed competitor information, or information about the race.
  • Sorting options include an Automatic sort feature which will sort by name, bib number, start number, 1st run result, or combined result, depending on which data is set.
  • Software requires a key and license, but may be tested without a key and license if an internet connection is available.
More information and downloads are available through the Split Second website at: