CALGARY, ALTA. (Monday, Aug. 15, 2011) – Alpine Canada unveiled a dynamic new look Monday with the launch of a cutting-edge website and a restyled logo and brand.

The national body for alpine, para-alpine and ski cross, which has governed the sport of ski racing domestically since 1920, commissioned an updated signature and a new online platform for showcasing its athletes as part of its continued commitment to excellence and innovation in the lead-up to Sochi 2014.

“We’re delighted to be able to bring fans, athletes and the ski racing community together with the launch of our new website,” said Max Gartner, president of Alpine Canada. “It conveys the speed, skill and excitement of our three sports and will help us showcase the incredible skill, dedication and achievements of our talented group of athletes, which includes Olympic, world championship and World Cup winners.

“The restyled logo and brand — a modern, updated version of our classic maple leaf design — reflects the pride we have in our deep-rooted and successful history in ski racing as well as our desire to remain a world-leading winter sport organization.”

The new website, at, incorporates ski cross — an electrifying, adrenaline-fuelled sport that joined the Alpine Canada family in 2010 — alongside alpine and para-alpine via a bold new design.

With breathtaking photography, video and the latest social-media feeds, the site includes a detailed breakdown on how each sport works as well as the latest news and results. It also features in-depth profiles, Q&As and biographies for every Alpine Canada athlete, from alpine world downhill champion Erik Guay to ski cross Olympic gold medallist Ashleigh McIvor and para-alpine X Games champ Josh Dueck.

The restyled logo incorporates the traditional yellow and red colours that have been synonymous with ski racing in Canada for decades. A maple leaf, signifying Canada, features two curved lines which represent the carved path a skier leaves behind as they race down a hill. The new design is circular instead of square, which marks a return to the shape used in the original Canadian Ski Association logo prior to 1980.

As part of the updated branding, alpine, para-alpine and ski cross share the same master logo but each have their own unique colour identities. Alpine is red and yellow; para-alpine blue and yellow and ski cross is black and yellow.

For more information or to download Alpine Canada’s new logo or brand standards document, visit our Brand page at  To request permission to use the logo, please email

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