Due to the changes in FIS registration ages this season the Canada West Ski Areas Association has graciously extended eligibility for 2012/13 Season All Area Passes to a limited number of U16 athletes.

Criteria for application will any returning athlete born in 1997 who obtained 500 points or higher on the 2011/12 season BC Alpine PRS (provincial ranking system).  Based on this criteria BC Alpine would like to congratulate the following 17 U16 athletes who will be eligible to apply for All Area Passes this season.


FLECKENSTEIN Stefanie 1997 800 F 68077 Whistler Mountain Ski Club
MULLIGAN Sam 1997 800 M 69224 Grouse Mountain Tyee Ski Club
CRAWFORD James 1997 740 M 72660 Whistler Mountain Ski Club
MARTIN Mikayla 1997 740 F 68502 Whistler Mountain Ski Club
HOFFOS Courtney 1997 720 F 68248 Windermere Valley Ski Club
SEGER Riley 1997 720 M 68844 Whistler Mountain Ski Club
CUMMING Meg 1997 665 F 67965 Apex Ski Club
PEIFFER Max 1997 615 M 68692 Whistler Mountain Ski Club
COLLOMBIN Tyra 1997 595 F 67928 Fernie Alpine Ski Team
ALEXANDER Cameron 1997 590 M 67715 Whistler Mountain Ski Club
MAH Cassandra 1997 580 F 68485 Grouse Mountain Tyee Ski Club
LLEWELLYN Carson 1997 576 M 68441 Whistler Mountain Ski Club
GERSHON Alex 1997 550 M 68113 Whistler Mountain Ski Club
SMITH Mitch 1997 545 M 68888 Revelstoke Ski Club
MCTAVISH Esme 1997 525 F 68552 Whistler Mountain Ski Club
WEARMOUTH Antonia 1997 515 F 69074 Grouse Mountain Tyee Ski Club
ROEHRIG Alex 1997 500 M 70959 Big White Racers/Kelowna Ski Club


Important note: Eligibility does not guarantee a pass will be available for you as allocation has yet to be finalized.

The 2012/13 pass application process has not yet been determined but will be released shortly, please check www.bcalpine.com regularly for application guidelines.