Alpine Canada Alpine has just released an important memo regarding Sport Accident Insurance Policy (SAIP) insurance which can be viewed in it's entirety via this link:

The most important key points are:

  1. The SAIP insurance policy broker will be changing this season.
  2. Terms of the new SAIP policy will be different than previous terms (these have not yet been revealed).
  3. As of June 30th all existing SAIP documentation is considered void.
  4. All FIS members participating in events after June 30 MUST BE REGISTERED WITH BC ALPINE FOR 2014/15 season before they participate in order for coverage to be valid.

As the registration database does not turn over to the new season until July 1st, this may pose a problem for some athletes. In order to facilitate this issue please have your registrar or coach email me with a list of athletes which need to be active as of July 1st, and those athletes will be put forward on the new season immediately.