If you are a Level 3 or Performance level Coach please attend the Facilitator Training in Kelowna on Thursday Oct 1 2015. The idea is to get someone in each club certified to give entry level courses so coaches, potential coaches don't have to go away to take the course and spend a bunch of money. You will be able to certify your own coaches that best suits your time line. If you don't meet requirements, please look for someone in your club that does and that can attend.  Please email me ASAP to attend and confirm your participaction


to attend this FACILITATORS training you must have/be:

  1. Qualifications of Entry Level Course Facilitators must meet these minimum standards:
  2. member in good standing with CSCF
  3. Level 3 CERTIFIED or PL TRAINED certification status
  4. Entry Level Facilitator TRAINED accreditation status.
  5. LICENSED status for the current year

Friday Coaches Meeting new format!! I encourage you to bring your head coaches of each age group. We will be doing an in depth coaching education component that will include hour long sessions in each of the following., Technique and terminology with J Crichton, Video analysis with N Cooper, Snow stars with Dusan Grasic and J Parent, and Dryland with A Lambert.  This is the start of our new coaches professional development plan in BC and will be the message we want all of our coaches passing on to all of our members.

The fall meeting ROUGH schedule ( full schedule to follow)

Oct 1  8:30- 4pm  Entry Lervel Facilitator Training

Oct 2  8:30 – 5pm  Coaches Education ( new format this year – Guest coach Dusan Grasic)

Oct 3 8:30 – 12 QRS and Calendar Review  1 PM AGM starts – 4:30 PM  ( guest speakers Mark Rubinstein, Dusan Grasic and Riley Seger)

Oct 3 6pm Awards Dinner

Oct 4 8:30 -1PM AGM Wrap up.


Full detailed agenda to follow.

email me with any questions johnnyc@bcalpine.com