The following list of members (by club) have been approved for a CWSAA All Areas Pass for the 2018-19 season.  These members need to complete the online waiver and upload their pass photo no later than Sept 7th.  Links to the waiver and photo uploader are found below the list of approved names along with instructions on using the online waiver signing application.

Black Dogs Ski Club: Koper Michael, Lauren Koper

Fernie Alpine Ski Team: Dylan Timm, Emily Koles, Emily Lassila-clack, Heiko Ihns, Luke Hoefer, Rod Timm, Werry Tyler

Grouse Mountain Tyee Ski Club: Brogan Themens, Ciudad Quentin, Frances MacDonald, Kristina Natalenko, Ksenija Kaludjercic, Makyla Slater, Marko Smitran, Nelson Fretenburg, Nicole Mah, Noel Airoldi, Samuel Tafel

Okanagan Ski Team: Aaron Leaman, Andrew Schmidt, Anthony Kurkjian, Austin Boehm, Colm Molder, Devin Blaser, Gerrit Van Soest, Grace Klapatiuk, Hallie Jenkins, Isaac Athans, Jenna Knight, John Sidjak, Koepke Dustin, Luke Mcmillan, Makena Kersey, Marcus Athans, Rane Smith, Trussler Derek, Tyrah Henderson

Prince George Ski Club: Hayes Layton, Isabelle Gibson

Red Mountain Racers: Hanna Schulze, Philip Patterson, Sage Stefani

Sun Peaks Alpine Club: Liam Applegath 

Whistler Mountain Ski Club: Alexander Katrusiak, Alyssa Emery, Brendan Moss, Curtis Jepsen, Ella Renzoni, Freya Jumonville, Gemma Bexton, Gigi Kranjc, Guerra Cusi Enric, Jack Forsyth, Jack MacDonald, Jack Morrow, Julia Ross, Katie Doiron, Katie Fleckenstein, Katrina Aidelbaum, Kieran Harley, Kyle Alexander, Lukas Forssander, Maja Woolley, Max Kirshenblatt, Myles Kowalczyk, Nathan Romanin, Pridy Conrad, Skylar Beauregard, Smith Shannon, Tait Jordan

Whitewater Ski Team: Henry Leishman

Windermere Valley Ski Club: Devin Mittertreiner, Gavin Donald, Jacob Yantha, Jasper Cobcroft, Spiegl Helmut

Addendum – CWSAA has released limited passes to the following U16 athletes this season:
Brynn Applegath, David Wood, Emeline Bennett, Fiona McInnes, Heming Sola, Jaden Dawson, Matthias Shorter, Taylor Nellis 

Digital waiver

CWSAA is excited to be partnering with 1Risk on the digital waiver for the upcoming 2018-19 season.

Here's the link for the digital waiver: 

The digital form is best filled out on a hand held device.  If using a PC to fill out the form, the web browser must be either Chrome or Fire Fox.  Not adaptable with Internet Explorer.

The digital waiver format is a different format from the past paper form.  In the past, information filled out on the first page of the form was for the intended passholder. 

With the digital form, it's assuming you are of legal age or the parent/guardian signing on behalf of the minor.  

The first part of the form is where the legal age athlete or parent/guardian must initial that they have read the following:

(The signee can either use their finger to initial or the mouse cursor if using a PC.  Can not type in their initials.) 
  • Information on Competitor Pass Program & Alpine Responsibility Code
  • Assumption of Risks
  • Release of Liability and Waiver of Claims
  • Ski Area Operator Day Pass Exclusion of Liability

Once all of 4 green boxes have been initialed, a blue box will appear to initial.  Then the app takes the signee to the 'my info' area.  Again, this area is intended for the person filling out the form and of legal age.  The legal age is 19 years of age except for athletes residing in Albert which is 18 years of age.

Once the parent/guardian enters in their information into the 'my info', they need to select 'I am parent/guardian (not participating) signing for minors'.  Then they need to select 'my minors' and enter in the minor's information.

Photo Uploader App

To ease the gathering of photos, CWSAA has a photo uploader app on our website.  

Here's the link to the photo uploader: