All Commercial General Liability (CGL) insurance and Sport Accident Insurance Policy (SAIP) purchased during the 2018/2019 season will expire as of July 1st 2019. Because of this, all insurance must be renewed for anyone participating in summer programs on or before this date.

To make this transition easier BC Alpine has closed the 2018-19 season registration and has started accepting early registrations for the 2019-20 season. Clubs running summer programs must have their registrations for both coaches and participants completed before the summer programs get underway.


FIS registrants:

If you would like to make the base list #1 you need to be registered with BC Alpine via your club no later than June 24th, 2019.  Registrations will of course be accepted after this time however list #2 will not be published until mid-August. This means any requests to race during the summer (southern hemisphere events) where the racer would like to have their points available would require immediate points activation at an additional cost if you are not in before the list #1 deadline.
Current year FIS documents are available to download via: 

Please remember that the FIS Medical Evaluation requires a physical so make sure your athletes book an appointment with their medical professional to get this document completed!