In previous seasons the CSA recruitment waiver for club recruitment events was generated in generally 2-3 days by emailing the request to Keven @ BC Alpine.  For this season the process has changed and the requests must go through Alpine Canada directly and using a special form that has been shared on BC Alpine's website.

The document titled "2019-2020 One-Event Waiver Document.pdf" can be found in BC Alpine's files under Event Files, then Insurance and Sanction or by clicking here:

Please be sure to have requests created well in advance to your events as it may take 2 weeks to get the certificates issued.

Excerpt from the document:

To allow clubs to open their doors to new members or new programs in which they are offering (I.e. ski cross) the CSA has approved a release waiver which will allow nonmembers the opportunity to participate in one event per season, hosted by a sanctioned ski club.

There are specific requirements in which must be fulfilled in order for the waiver program to be implemented in the club and the event, can only be approved by the CSA.

The below questions must be answered in full and it is understood that there may be additional information required depending on the type of event and location. To ensure that all waivers can be created and delivered to the club(s), a minimum of two weeks notice should be provided allowing for creation and or and additional information to be delivered.

Please ensure that each question is answered with as much details as possible to eliminate further questions and delays in the return of the waiver.

If there are any further questions in relation to the one event waiver program, please connect with Alpine Canada at