This article contains two different registration deadlines:
Activation of athletes requiring FIS List #1 is June 24th.
CWSAA All Area Pass Requests: August 10th.
Please email if you require any assistance with the process.

FIS Registration

If your club would like to have any FIS racers active in time for FIS List #1, the deadline to have them registered with us is June 24th. FIS registrations after this date will not change in price but they will be published on the next available list per the FIS Points List Deadlines for the 2023 season found here: Please remember that racers must be on a published list at least a week before the start date of their first race.

Online registration by the club to BC Alpine’s registration database is all that is require to get them on the list however athlete will not be start eligible until such time that their paperwork is accepted by BC Alpine for the athlete.

Paperwork for the current season’s FIS registration can be found online at
Please remember that the Medical Evaluation requires a physical so make sure your athletes book an appointment with their medical professional to get this document completed.

All Area Pass Registration

Qualifications and guidelines for the 2023 season CWSAA All Areas Pass have been published by the Canada West Ski Areas Association on their website at

Alpine and Ski Cross athletes in FIS programs born between 2002 and 2006 are on the qualification for this season, and their deadline for selection is August 11th so any athlete or FIS traveling coach wanting to qualify for an All Areas Pass must be registered with BC Alpine before that date and then the club registrar must submit those requesting passes via the “All Area Passes” registration form found in the BC Alpine Club Admin Login by August 10th.

Cost of the pass this season is $661.50 for athletes and $1323.00 for coaches.