Starting this season, BC Alpine has introduced a FIS paperwork upload/tracking system into our member update page. Any members who have FIS registrations will see at the top of their member update page a list of documents to be uploaded as shown in the example image below.

When clicking on any of the forms, a pop up will show which includes more information about the form, a link to download a blank one as well as an upload form to submit the form once it is completed.

Once uploaded the form will show as “Awaiting Approval.” BC Alpine will receive notification of all uploaded forms and confirm that they are correctly filled out. If there are problems we will reach out to the member who uploaded it directly. If the form is correct we will mark it as Approved.

Clubs will be able to view a list of all their FIS registered members in their club administration page with status of all required FIS paperwork for those members.

We hope this new paperwork management process simplifies FIS registrations going forward as it will provide a central spot for all paperwork to be downloaded, submitted and tracked.

How do members get access to their member update page?

All members who are registered with BC Alpine will get an email within 24 hours inviting them to their member update page. If you are a member who has not received this email, please check with your club that you are registered for the season to see if they have activated you with BC Alpine, as well as your junk/spam folder for the invitation. You may also request access to the page directly by clicking the heading “Registration” and then “Member Waiver Sign / Contact Update” in the BC Alpine Member’s site at Members not able to see their registration or access this site should reach out to their club and ask them to confirm that the email address attached to their registration is correct.