2023/2024 Season Registration Info

2023/2024 Season Registration Info

All Commercial General Liability (CGL) insurance and Sport Accident Insurance Policy (SAIP) purchased during the 2022/2023 season will expire as of July 1st 2023. Because of this, all insurance must be renewed for anyone participating in summer programs on or before this date.

To make this transition easier BC Alpine will be accepting early registrations for the 2024 season as of June 15, 2023. Clubs running summer programs must have their registrations for both coaches and participants completed before the summer programs get underway.

Due to higher than expected inflation in the last year as well as adjustments to our Commercial General Liability Insurance premiums, prices for each program have been increased both by BC Alpine and Alpine Canada for the upcoming season above previously projected values.

Program2023 Season2024 Season
General Member / Coach$ 30$ 31.20
Entry Level$ 97$ 106.08
Recreational Program$ 130$ 145.50
National Competitor Program$ 165$ 181.75
Masters Program$ 138$ 169.02
FIS Card – Alpine (Requires NCP)$ 100$ 100.00
FIS Card – Ski Cross (Requires NCP)$ 100$ 100.00
Additional registration information, including a break down of all fees is available at https://bcalpine.com/programFees/.

You can’t purchase a FIS card or membership directly from BC Alpine.
In order to be a member, you must register through one of our member clubs. A full list of current clubs and their contact information can be found at https://bcalpine.com/contact/

BC Alpine hosting Virtual Race Administrator Meetup

Working together with Phyllis Kennedy to complete a BC version of her “So you want to be a Race Administrator!” handbook, Keven is inviting any and all Race Administrators for events across British Columbia to join them for an overview of the new handbook.

They hope to answer many of the burning questions Race Administrators have about best practices and procedures, go over tips and tricks to make the job easier, and gather helpful feedback to assist in further expanding/improving the document.

This will also be a great opportunity for Race Administrators across the province to meet and share with their peers.

Exact time and date now confirmed to be Tuesday, December 13th at 6pm Pacific Time. Please use the Sign Up button below to let us know your preference and we will select from the date with the highest votes and invite everyone who signed up!

If you know anyone currently taking on the Race Administrator job, or interested in doing so, please send them a link to this sign up!

Some of the content in this meeting will include:

  • Timeline/schedule for common RA tasks
  • How to set up Race Entry, Volunteer Sign up, etc
  • Race notice creation
  • Getting racers from entry into software
  • Race Kits
  • Open Discussion / Q&A

Canada West All Area Passes application forms for the 2022-23 Season

The following list of members (by club) have been approved for a CWSAA All Areas Pass for the 2022-23 season.  These members need to complete the online waiver and upload their pass photo as soon as possible. 

Links to the waiver and photo uploader are found below the list of approved names along with instructions on using the online waiver signing application.
Lists are all alphabetical by club then last name of recipient.

!!! If you feel any names are in errors or  are missing, contact Keven Dubinsky immediately !!!

List last updated: Oct 21, 2022

Black Dogs
Koper, Lauren

Cypress Ski Club
Exley, Tal
Foster-Ortmayr, Roan
MacPherson, Naomi
Salari, Ihsan
Zander, Erica

Fernie Alpine Ski Team
Barnum, Kaleb
Carter, Ewan
Christensen, Carter
Christie, Brett
Coffyne, Ann
Fleming, Anna
Krushelniski, Camryn
Magee, Blair
McFarlane, Niya
Miles, Tyler
Schwenck, Eric
Timm, Dylan
Timm, Jessica
Timm, Rod
Vanhooren, Liam
Vanhooren, Nate

Grouse Mountain Tyee Ski Club
Eder, Graeme
Elvidge, Malcolm
Fischer, Noah
Hung, Thomas
Irish, Brooke
Li, Annabel
Mellis, Malia
Olanié, Titouan
Plavsic, Mila
Pougatch, Andrew
Pretty, Maeve
Smith, Noah
Stevens, Dylan
Yamada, Kumiko
+1 Coach

Kimberley Alpine Team
Nelson, Mataya
O’Grady, Aquinna

Lightning Creek Ski  Club
Peter, Boroka

Okanagan Ski Team
Athans, Marcus
Blaser, Sienna
Cashin, Finley
Clancy, Lauren
Coubrough, Jasmine
Droppo, Hannah
Fournier, Samantha
Ito, Takoda
Little, Shayna
Raymond, Molly
Smith, Rane
Smith, Rowan
Sola, Heming
Trussler, Derek
Willoughby, Liv
Young, Oliver

Red Mountain Racers
Demmler, Reuben
Hamm, Marcus
Hartman, Miika
Krampl, Marek
Patterson, Philip

Smithers Ski & Snowboard Club
Collingwood, Chloe
Hikisch, Bridie

Sun Peaks Alpine Club
Currie, Cameron
Currie, Euan
Jensen, Jameson
Piana, Sami
Ritter, Carson
Schwirtlich, Micah

Vernon Ski Club
Donald, Gavin
Farrer, Kadyn
Fux, Natalie
Gill, Coen
Raduy, Bria
Steele, Camryn
Williams, Lauren

Whistler Mountain Ski Club
Bennett, Emeline
Boyd, Dylan
Brownlie, Alexa
Cross, Sophia
Deck Stang, Viveka
Gibbons, Joseph
Gilbert, Lola
Gilbert, Sascha
Griffin, Carys
Haslau, Jessica
Holmes, Ries
Husken, Erin
Jagger, Richard
Joncas, Anne-Marie
Jordan, Tait
Kaufmann, Ella
Martinal, Mateo
Mikkelsen, Nicolas
Morrow, Jack
Parkhill, Marlo
Renzoni, Ella
Schenk, Heidi
Shea, Jasper
Shorter, Felix
Stiel, Sara
Thomas, Jack
Waldrum, Alec
Wardle, Madeleine
Whelan, Sarah-Elizabeth
Young, Vanessa

Whitewater Ski Team
Atkins, Jackie
Clark, Madison
Robertson, Raleigh

APPLICATION STEP 1 of 2: Digital Waiver

Click HERE for the digital waiver link.

Tips on filling out the digital waiver
The digital form is best filled out on a hand held device.  If using a PC to fill out the form, the web browser must be either Chrome or Fire Fox.  Not adaptable with Internet Explorer. 
The first part of the form is where the passholder and parent/guardian if athlete is under 19 years of age must initial that they have read and understood the following:  

  • Release of Liability, Waiver of Claims and Assumption of Risks Agreement
  • Information on CWSAA Competitors Pass & Alpine Responsibility Code
  • Release of Liability, Waiver of Claims and Assumption of Risks

As our competitor pass program has participants from across Western Canada, there are some limitations within our digital form.  One of the limitations is the form does not have the capability of programing different ages of majority based on the Provinces and Territory that the athlete resides in.  As both British Columbia and the Yukon are 19, the age of majority has been set for 19.  All passholders under the age of 19 will require a parent/guardian to initial & sign the form.
Important:  When you are asked to initial the form there are 2 initial boxes.  The first ‘blue’ initial box is intended for the passholder.  The second ‘blue’ initial box is for parent / guardian of the passholder that is under 19 or the passholder that is of legal age. Passholders of legal age will need to sign both initial boxes.  If both are not filled out, the form will not advance to complete.  The signee(s) can either use their finger to initial or their mouse cursor if using a PC.  You can not type in your initials.
The second portion of the form is where you enter in passholder information.  You will be asked to select one of the following:

  • I am an Adult (19 years or older) with no Minors to sign for
  • I am an Adult that will be participating and have Minors to sign for
  • I am an Adult Guardian (not participating) signing for minors 

APPLICATION STEP 2 of 2: Photo Upload

CWSAA has the photo uploader app on their website again this year: https://cwsaa.org/competitor-pass-upload/
When submitting the form with your photo enter in “BC Alpine” where it asks for your affiliated Provincial Sports Association. 

  • Photos must be in a jpeg format
  • Photos must be taken against a plain white or lightly coloured background
  • The photo must be taken 5 to 6 feet from the person
  • The lighting must be uniform to avoid shadows across the face
  • No hats, toques or sunglasses/goggles
  • The photos must show a full front view of the face and top of the shoulders squared to the camera

FIS / All Areas Pass Registrations 2023

FIS / All Areas Pass Registrations 2023

This article contains two different registration deadlines:
Activation of athletes requiring FIS List #1 is June 24th.
CWSAA All Area Pass Requests: August 10th.
Please email kevend@bcalpine.com if you require any assistance with the process.

FIS Registration

If your club would like to have any FIS racers active in time for FIS List #1, the deadline to have them registered with us is June 24th. FIS registrations after this date will not change in price but they will be published on the next available list per the FIS Points List Deadlines for the 2023 season found here: https://assets.fis-ski.com/image/upload/fis-prod/assets/document-library/deadlines/2023/Deadlines-AL.pdf Please remember that racers must be on a published list at least a week before the start date of their first race.

Online registration by the club to BC Alpine’s registration database is all that is require to get them on the list however athlete will not be start eligible until such time that their paperwork is accepted by BC Alpine for the athlete.

Paperwork for the current season’s FIS registration can be found online at https://bcalpine.com/files/Registration_Files/FIS_Registration/.
Please remember that the Medical Evaluation requires a physical so make sure your athletes book an appointment with their medical professional to get this document completed.

All Area Pass Registration

Qualifications and guidelines for the 2023 season CWSAA All Areas Pass have been published by the Canada West Ski Areas Association on their website at https://cwsaa.org/policy/cwsaa-competitor-pass/.

Alpine and Ski Cross athletes in FIS programs born between 2002 and 2006 are on the qualification for this season, and their deadline for selection is August 11th so any athlete or FIS traveling coach wanting to qualify for an All Areas Pass must be registered with BC Alpine before that date and then the club registrar must submit those requesting passes via the “All Area Passes” registration form found in the BC Alpine Club Admin Login by August 10th.

Cost of the pass this season is $661.50 for athletes and $1323.00 for coaches.

2022 Event Organizers Update

2022 Event Organizers Update

With five events in the next week to start off our 2022 provincial series races (and it being nearly two years since any races have happened in the province) I thought it prudent to create a quick overview for event organizers to remind you of some of the basics and to help you through some of the changes which have occurred recently.

Event Organizer COVID Mitigation Plan:

Hot off the presses today is BC Alpine’s new COVID mitigation plan for event coordinators. This document can assist with general guidelines, best practices and ideas for hosting events during our current phase of the pandemic. https://bcalpine.com/files/Policy_Files/COVID-19/?f=Event_Organizers_COVID_Mitigation_Plan_2022.docx

Managing your event on our calendar:

Event organizers and Race Administrators can obtain access to manage the events on our calendar by contacting me and requesting access. With access to the event administration you get the ability to:

  1. Upload your Race Notice
  2. Upload any additional documents to your event
  3. Add live timing links
  4. Enable volunteer sign up
  5. Activate and alter race entry
  6. Activate and alter Participation / COVID-19 Agreement

Ordering awards:

BC Alpine has an online store for ordering awards for your event(s). Visit https://bcalpine.com/orderAwards/ well in advance and contact Anders if you have any questions about awards you should be distributing.

Race entry and draw:

With travel being more limited than usual both due to pandemic as well as road closures throughout the province, we expect to find more “cross category” race entry than usual this season with racers entering into races in their local region instead of traveling to ones further away. This may pose some interesting questions on how to enter, draw and manage your races. Please reach out to Johnny or myself if you require any assistance with who is sanctioned to start, or how to manage race files or results during these sort of situations.
If you are having FIS racers entering into a national level race, be sure to enter them with their ACA card #, not their FIS card # or they may not have the correct points in the draw and the results from your races will not be valid.

Race Kits:

All our Sporting Life NGSL and Teck Race Kits are new this season. New straps and rolling tubes are in the kits to help ROCs keep the bibs and banners in good condition and each kit is affixed with a printed QR Code that when scanned helps us track where the kit is and allows you to report any damage or missing gear so that we can easier repair or replace it.
If you have one of these kits, do us a favour and scan the QR code and let us know where it is and how it’s doing! 🙂